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The thorough consideration of a lighting design concept can prove difficult, depending on the complexity of the challenge and the proposed solution. Reed Burkett Lighting Design employs a variety of techniques in the development of lighting designs to assist in this understanding, from sketch-style renderings to in-depth computer-based calculations and visualizations. These tools are available to the design team and client to assist in fully realizing the goals for the project.

Lighting Calculations & Computer-based modeling

Reed Burkett Lighting Design engages a full range of computational tools to support the technical side of lighting design development. These calculation techniques are used to assess lighting performance and verify that proposed designs meet or exceed code mandated requirements.


An insightful, artistically composed rendering or illustration, supported through the technical understanding of a seasoned lighting design professional, can be pivotal to communicating a lighting concept. Reed Burkett Lighting Design incorporates renderings into the concept and development phases of many projects as a principal method for imparting a design’s aesthetic value. Renderings are often used to provide comparisons among a variety of lighting alternatives or solutions, better enabling the client and design team to make confident, informed decisions.

Mock-ups & Demonstrations

Reed Burkett Lighting Design views mock-ups as invaluable tools for the study of lighting design. Whenever possible we incorporate mock-ups in the early stages of the design process in order to examine lighting alternatives more completely and precisely fine-tune application techniques. Often, the client is involved in these demonstrations as a part of the decision making and approval process. There are few tools more effective for the study of light than the hands-on mock-up.

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