Delivering sustainability to projects

Reed Burkett Lighting Design’s approach, as it has been for many years, is to provide a professional service to its clients that includes sound, sustainability practices throughout all phases on the project. Whether LEED accreditation is a project goal or not, environmentally responsible design is a key component of the firm’s projects. Working alongside the design team to develop unique solutions that match both the aesthetic goals of the project with energy requirements, we are well equipped to assist with sustainability solutions for all project types.

Daylighting analysis and daylight harvesting

The importance of understanding the influence of sunlight and daylight on the built environment is an important aspect to good lighting design. Whether intentional or not, the relationship between a building and structure with daylight can make a significant impact on the quality and quantity illumination. Reed Burkett Lighting Design can speak to passive and active aspects of daylighting design as a part of a project’s services.  External and internal shading devices, fenestration analysis, daylight harvesting, and other fundamental aspects of designing for daylight can be addressed within the project’s overall lighting design effort.

Energy analysis and code compliance

Producing high quality, energy efficient lighting designs is an increasingly demanding challenge in a world where responsible energy use is a top priority. It is more important than ever before to understand where and how energy efficient systems can be employed in solving lighting problems. Solutions must take advantage of the ready availability of energy-conserving equipment and applications while maintaining a determined focus on creating lighting designs that fulfill the client’s needs. Reed Burkett Lighting Design employs a variety of energy analysis and optimization tools to assist in tailoring designs to project demands while seeking to meet codes and expectations. Working collaboratively with engineering and energy specialists on many projects, RBLD assists in balancing the pragmatic concerns of energy with the lighting requirements of the visual environment.

LEED Compliance

The firm includes LEED accredited professionals capable of dealing with all aspects of lighting-related credits and their requirements. These can include:

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