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Good lighting design is a synergy of art and science, properly balanced with respect to project, client and an overall vision. From the early synthesis of ideas into a holistic concept, to its emergence as a tangible, cohesive and integrated project solution, the lighting design must be a collaborative effort between lighting designer, client and other design team members.

Design Concept

A lighting design concept cannot be adequately developed until the project goals and requirements are well understood. It is this early dialogue between designer and decision-maker that lays the groundwork for a successful creation of the vision. A lighting concept evolves, constantly folding feedback from the client and  other team members into its refinement. It must also take into account other key parameters such as budget, schedule, systems integration, code requirements,  and similar over-arching issues. Design concept development at Reed Burkett Lighting Design often includes the following activities:

The principal goal of the design concept phase is to emerge with a clear direction on the overall lighting vision for the project, supported by enough background work to ensure its viability moving forward into the documentation phases.

Master Planning

A successfully crafted lighting master plan, appropriately integrated within a larger all-inclusive context, can provide a framework for lighting-related decision making throughout the life of the project. Often, lighting is relegated to a technical necessity in master planning for business districts, commercial sectors, residential developments, universities, and even corporate campuses. That is a missed opportunity. Lighting has the potential to play a much larger role in such work and can, in many cases, be a linchpin connecting the day and night life of a planned environment. Reed Burkett Lighting Design has been involved in many large and midsize master planning efforts, working collaboratively with clients, designers, urban planners and others.

Budget Development

Equally important as good design is the ability to deliver it on time and within budget. Experience in working as a part of multidisciplinary project teams has made Reed Burkett Lighting Design astutely sensitive to issues related to scheduling, costs and interdisciplinary coordination. Throughout the development of the project lighting design, periodic review of projected equipment costs helps inform the design team and client during the decision making process. Client assistance in developing lighting equipment budgets allows for a better understanding of where the project’s lighting dollars can be most insightfully applied.

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