Effectively and efficiently communicating design

A well-conceived lighting design is ultimately only as good as how effectively it is communicated to those who must implement it. Reed Burkett Lighting Design is equipped to provide documentation of the technical and aesthetic elements of a project’s lighting and lighting control systems. Demands for documentation will        vary depending on the project’s delivery needs, schedules, cross-disciplinary responsibilities, and client expectations. The level and nature of production will hinge on what is required from the lighting designer to sufficiently transfer the information to those who will be charged with executing the design.


Throughout the design process, effectively communicating ideas and concepts is critical in making informed decisions. Although a wide variety of vehicles may be employed in this interactive process, often the well executed sketch is one of the most useful. An important part to understanding the effectiveness of a new or innovative lighting idea is in visualizing how it comes together. Reed Burkett Lighting Design uses both electronic and hand sketching as a way to bring lighting ideas to life and foster ongoing discussions about the execution of lighting application techniques.

Layout Drawings

Reed Burkett Lighting Design offers computer-based lighting drawing production as a principal tool for documenting lighting layouts. Deliverables can be as comprehensive as full project-specific sheets or as restrained as simple layers for use by other disciplines in the preparation of their construction documents. Well managed, interdisciplinary coordination is the primary goal of the team in producing what the project demands.

Specifications and Schedule

At the heart of a lighting design’s successful interpretation is a high quality, project-tailored set of specifications and lighting equipment schedule. Reed Burkett Lighting Design prides itself on producing thoughtful lighting specifications that foster a high quality, competitive bidding and construction environment. The firm has taken an active role in promoting specification integrity and are considered leaders in the lighting design industry.

Detail Development

Thoughtfully composed architectural lighting integration and lighting system details can elevate a good lighting design to a great one. Often these details are neglected and the result may be less than full realization of the lighting design’s potential. Reed Burkett Lighting Design places a strong emphasis on this facet of the project and works collaboratively with other discipline professionals to help ensure a well-coordinated and integrated effort. This focus on detail also helps to minimize potential communication problems during the project’s construction period.

Custom Fixture Design & Development

There are great many tools available in the lighting industry to help solve the myriad challenges presented to the lighting design professional. The emergence of solid state LED technologies in the early 21st century has enriched the designer’s palette from both the technical and design perspectives. Also, advancements in materials science and its application in building resources has further improved product offerings. However, some project problem solving will demand thinking outside of convention and ultimately require customization or modification in lighting fixture designs. Reed Burkett Lighting Design is well equipped to handle these challenges with years of experience in original thinking about lighting equipment, its design, and ultimately its required function. When standard products or design thinking simply cannot be made to work in a specific situation, the team will work diligently to propose modifications or, in some cases, create new design solutions to overcome the problem. An excellent example of where this expertise is essential is in the refurbishment of historic lighting fixtures for the incorporation of modern technologies and optics, while still maintaining the original aesthetic of the luminaire.

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