One of our favorite events of the year kicks off tomorrow: the International Association of Lighting Designers’ Chase the Dark.

2016 marks the 4th year of the event, and is a global community making event linking lighting designers but also the public. Kicking off in Australia at dusk on November 3rd and continuing around the globe, the goal is to demonstrate the light where you live.

Wherever we are on the planet there are defining features that allow us to explain where we are at any given time. In our office, and for most lighting designers, we tend to think in terms of the light in a given location whether it is natural or artificial. It could be a sunset or the moon, a walk/don’t walk sign, street lights, car headlights, advertising billboards, shadows, darkness, the stars, the glow in fog, and of course building or architectural lighting. Any lit form around you can be beautiful or intriguing when captured at the right moment or angle. Participants are encouraged to document that light through photographs that are shared across social media.

Chase the Dark is thus an opportunity for people to come together for one night and share a joint experience through social media and see how others capture their communities. The only requirement, besides capturing that light, is to include the hashtag #IALDchasedark.